How to become a Community Health Worker in Texas

Steps to become a Community Health Worker(CHW) in Texas

Community Health Worker(CHW)
Community Health Worker(CHW)

How to become a Community Health Worker

Community Health Workers(CHWs) are public and social health workers. Their goal is to connect communities with health care resources around them. CHWs serve as a liaison between the community and health care resources, the government and social service systems.

If you have a passion to help your Community(Individuals or Groups) around you then becoming a Community Health Worker might be a good option , professionally as well as personally. After the Covid-19 outbreak, the need for CHWs has increased many folds. The average salary for a CHW is over $43,000*

If you are interested to become a Community Health Worker then continue to read the key steps to become a CHW in The State of Texas.

  • Must a resident of the State of Texas.

  • 16 years old or above.

  • Training – Completion of an approved DSHS-certified 160-hour competency-based Community Health Worker training program. Here is link to DSHS Approved Training Programs.
    Experience – At least 1000 cumulative hours of community health worker services within the most recent three (3) years. Experience will be verified with the supervisor(s) noted in the application.

  • Finally apply for CHW Certificate on

  • Applicants must submit the following to DSHS:

    • Signed and dated application with all information completed.

    • Color photo, similar to a passport photo.

    • Training certificate of completion if applying based on completion of an approved 160-hour competency-based training program certified by DSHS OR An Employment/Volunteer History verification form (if applicable)

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